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Hi dear! 

Its so simply design and that is just like her. 
Sway created  [Erika] Set for Uber October round. 
Erika sofa set coming with 3 pattern.  fresh /  harvest / monochrome. 

Uber Slurl (September 25th - October 23rd)

and she is playing guitar. sitting the stool. 
You can find this guitar at "The secret room" event. but for you get this stool, you need try to hunt of this event. 

The secret room Slurl 
The secret room Detail info blog  (EN and written how to play hunt)

Outfit is !Finale Couture for SNEAK PEEK September round!! 
SNEAK PEEK Slurl (runnning to the October 5th)

>>Furniture credit <<
sofa : Sway's [Erika] Couch . fresh /  Sway's [Erika] Couch . harvest  @ Uber  
table : Sway's [Erika] Coffee Table . fresh @ Uber
vase : Sway's [Erika] Vase A . fresh (on table)  Sway's [Erika] Vase A . harvest (on mini table) @ Uber
bowl with fruits : Sway's [Erika] Bowl with apples . fresh  @ Uber
bookcase : PPK Bookcase

>>Guitar credit<<
Guitar : Namine Guitar J-450 blue-cat BOX @ The secret room 

How to play (by FB of The secret room) ------
[Namine Guitar J-450 blue-cat]
This is a guitar which you can play freely via a HUD.
I hold a bimonthly concert using my product.

Below is a video link of last (6th) concert.
You can make your own HUD for one music by arranging a music note buttons just like an RL score and pressing them in order.
The HUD kit is provided at each store for free.
A guarantee card is composed, so you can receive the one with default textures by wearing the card and touching a board on the booth left.
Also, I'm trying to improve the functions, so you can receive an updated ver at main store if you attach the guarantee card.
You can also contact us about customization on this Namine Guitar, since it will never be a completed product.
Also, you can try a test ver of this Namine Guitar and a HUD which is not for a sale.
Customer service and a guitar session is available from 11 pm JST almost every day at a bar with a music hall next to the main store.

>>Outfit credit<<
Outfit : !Finale Couture Tamara Set - Lime @ SNEAK PEEK Sep
Hair : .ploom. Eskimo - Indecisive

If you have some question about The secret room please let me know. (to xkumomix resident) 

Thanks for reading.
Have happy shopping :)