Living Room in Montclair by CHEZ MOI


Nice to see you again dear!! 

How was Happy Halloween for you??? I made mash pumpkin salad for dinner in rl. 
was very big pumpkin so i made a lot much more than we can eat....
I could enjoy halloween in rl and of course in SL through to blog.  
and could to know about "what is Halloween" much more of this year halloween. 

btw, In japan many places tree begun to autumn leaf. 
Its very beautiful. I love to see this but feel cold big problem for me :(
Begun autumn leaf mean is starting winter. 

Introducing about "*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* Montclair Living Room" Set. 
Montclair is a township in northeastern New Jersey (by google and this is a note for me!)
every items are very lovely :)  and feel warm by old tree texture.  

*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* main store Slurl
Market place

Fireplace : Montclair Fireplace CHEZ MOI  (6Li)
Bookcase : Montclair Bookcase CHEZ MOI (13Li)
Ladder : Second Spaces - Nellie Office Ladder 
Decor : Decor Give Thanks CHEZ MOI  (5Li)
Decor : -Hallowseve Wall Hanging- @ Previous Gift by Leory 
Chair : Montclair Armchair CHEZ MOI (3Li)
Vintage Clock : Vintage Clock CHEZ MOI (3Li)
Pumpkin Candle : Pumpkin Candles Decor CHEZ MOI  (5Li)
Tray : Grateful Tray CHEZ MOI (7Li)
Pot Flower : Hydrangea Jar CHEZ MOI (2Li)
Ottoman : Montclair Ottoman CHEZ MOI  (2Li)
Sofa : Montclair Sofa (Adult) CHEZ MOI (12Li)
Pumpkin pot flower : -Saussureas Hallowseve Pot-(5color change)   @ Previous Gift by Leory 
Rug : Montclair Rug CHEZ MOI (1Li)

little bit more info....
 10 Single animation F / M each, 5 Activity animation (You get props), 5 Alone animation F / M, 24 couple animation / 16 Adult animation♡
10 Single anination F / M each, 10 Couple animation 
6 Single animiaton F / M each, 18 couple animation 
10 Single animation F / M each
--Pumpkin Candle-- 
Fire off / on by touch
am sure you would feel warm with those furniture and decor even cold autumn and winter :)

thanks for reading. 
Have a fine weekday!