Sway's [Kaden] Rug on FLF


Hi dear! 
Do you know today is what day?  Its Friday!  YES FLF!
maybe i said this every i blog for Sway's for FLF item ^^; 
but i love FLF ... specially i would like to get Hair or Decor. 
Every Thursday i have checked list of FLF item on Serephim. I don't want miss them.  

Introducing about [Kaden] Rug by Sway's. 

Sway's main store slurl
FLF list on Serephim 

Rug   : Sway's [Kaden] Rug . natural  /   Sway's [Kaden] Rug . colorful 

each rug with finger (3Li)  / no finger  (2Li) 
9 texture changeable by touch  / resizeable 

when i decorated furniture on my house, and when i need Rug, 
every time, can't find or very hard to find.This rug able to change texture... and 55L!  

and please don't forget. 
mesh is able to increasing Landimpact when you resize. 
with finger rug 3Li or no finger rug 2Li is when dont resizing. 
if you resize too big, Landimpact also would be big size.

Thanks for reading! 
Hope you would meet your special item on FLF.