Sway's @ Tannenbaum Holiday Market


Hi dear! happy to see you again :) How is your day? 
here (in japan) is very hard rain. some of place in japan,very hard snowing whether news said. 
non stop running nose.

Have you went to Tannenbaum Holiday Market? 
Just after, i tried to TP, but was full sim :(   i will try again later, 
Sway's is participating with Tannenbaum Holiday Market. I hope you would love her furniture.  

Tannenbaum Holiday Market Slurl (November 25th - December 25th)

Table : Sway's [Oron] Table @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Chair : Sway's [Oron] Chair . white  @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Chair : Sway's [Oron] Chair . brown  @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Flowerpot : Sway's [Oron] Flowerpot Candle (low LoD)  @Tannenbaum Holiday Market
Shelves : Sway's [Konrad] Shelf with back wall filled @ main store 
planter : [sf] brazier planter  - fern
Mug : Sway's Coffee Mug LoveLetter - rez

Thanks for reading. 
see you soon :)