-IrodorI- Furisode collection


Dear Reader :) 

already this year 3 hours left for me.coming soon new year. 
I already ate japanese traditional noodle. so am ready to greet the new year :) 
then am watching music TV on NHK lol 
This is singing battle male group and female group. i forgot which won last year.. maybe male? 
and last day of a year, to watch this TV show also one of traditional. at least for me. :) 


Introducing about "-IrodorI- Furisode collection 2016".
-IrodorI- released new Kimono. "Furisode" is kind of formal kimono. available 6 color.
30%off offer until January 15th at main store. 

-IrodorI- main store Slurl

picture 1 : -IrodorI- Furisode collection 2016 (bloom)
picture 2 : -IrodorI- Furisode collection 2016 (cherry)
-->including Hair for Kimono / Hair accessory / Geta / Fur Stole 

Pose : [[J'adore]]Zakuro

Thank you very much for coming to my blog even only one moment. 
I wish to see you next year also. 

Have a Happy new year!