Under the Mistletoe


Good morning! 
Christmas coming soon!! Today after 1 week is Christmas morning for me.
are your ready? 

Kissing under the Mistletoe at Christmas, they will marry.
Mistletoe is not just a tree. Mistletoe has beautiful story. they are beautiful story for me :)
but sadly i have not know that. japanese dont pay attention serious about it.   
"Christmas" has a lot of traditional and romantic story. 
like to hear Christmas song, when i understand about Christmas, i feel comfortable and happy. 

Introducing about "Under the Mistletoe" by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE. 

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl

Corridor : Under the Mistletoe (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Sign with Stone : Mistletoe Sign CHEZ MOI

Under the Mistletoe has a lot of lovely romantic animation. Kiss and Hug and ....etc...♡
Sign changeable word on board by touch. 

Thanks for reading.  
see you soon♡