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Dear reader. 

Secondlife is kind of wired virtual world. we have to find to do something in SecondLife. I am lucky, because i could find it :D

Introducing about Sway's FLF (January 29th) / WayWard Winter (start January 18th)  / Lost and Found.
every items so cute.
and small shed was made by **shutter field (Gift)

Sway's FLF (main store)
Sway's @ WayWard Winter Slurl
Sway's @ Lost and Found

Bench : Sway's [Sled] Bench / Adult @ WayWard Winter
table : Sway's [Facette] Table @ Sway's main store
tray and coffee : Sway's Tray with cocoa and cookies (Sway's previous gift)
chair : Sway's [Ido] Beanbag @Lost and Found
picture frame : Sway's [Keira] Picture frame . empty frame @ FLF
picture frame : Sway's [Keira] Picture frame . for your picture @ FLF
Candle : Sway's [Keira] Candlestick . B @ FLF
Candle : Sway's [Keira] Candlestick . A @ FLF
mug  : Sway's [Animal Face] Mug (Gacha item @ Sway's main store)

Stove : Kari - The old Stove
white tulip : Fu's Tulip white  in barrel (shop)
Shelf : C's Style Antique Shelf#1
Shed : [sf] boho box - wood by  **shutter field (GIFT)

Enjoy Shopping!
Thanks for reading.