Sweet Bathtime


Dear Reader.  Good morning / afternoon / evening for all <3 

Introducing Sway's & CHEZ MOI FURNITURE.
Sway's items for Tres Chic Rustic love event, and Lost and Found.
CHEZ MOI FURNITURE's items are new release.
CHEZ MOI FUNITURE's item has a lot of things. am sure you will love it.
Sway's released "BirdCage Candl holder / wall art"for Tres chic Rustic love. very beautiful. fire on / off change by touch.
I am impressed every time when i opened their item.
i can not be a creator but i want to be part of a creator's creation. if i could enjoy SL with it, wonderful things for each other.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl
Lost and Found Slurl
Tres Chic Slurl

bathtub : Supreme Bathtub (Adult) CHEZ MOI
sink : Supreme Sink & Vanity CHEZ MOI
sofa : Supreme Bathroom Daybed CHEZ MOI
Toilet : Supreme Toilet Pearl CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . with decoration @ Lost and Found
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Candle holder D . gold @ Tres Chic
Decor : Long Mirror CHEZ MOI
Decor : Vanity Table CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Ido] Cinder Block Shelf . empty  @ Lost and Found
Decor : Shabby Flower Jar CHEZ MOI
Decor : Rug Ipanema CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Candle holder B . silver @ Tres Chic
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Candle holder A . copper @ Tres Chic
Decor : Supreme Bathtub Rack CHEZ MOI
Decor : Print Bathroom Rules CHEZ MOI
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . silver @ Tres Chic
Decor : Sway's [Birdcage] Wall art Candle holder . copper @ Tres Chic
Decor : Supreme Bathroom Shelf CHEZ MOI
Decor : Supreme Towel Rack CHEZ MOI
Decor : Bathroom Decor CHEZ MOI
Decor : Slippers and Panties CHEZ MOI

Sweet Bath time for you <3
Thanks for reading!