under the night sky


Dear Reader.  in a middle of the week... how is doing?

It would be more romantic when Christmas season if i showed you. 
even not Christmas, "*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* Romantique Dinner " bring you and your love person romantic feeling. 

and Sway's released new Lamp "[Facette]" Now on sell at main store as Mix Item.
Don't miss both! 

*CHEZ MOI FURNITURES* main store Slurl (marketplace --> Taxi)
Sway's Main store Slurl

Dinner table : Romantique Dinner (Adult) CHEZ MOI 
 -->Flower in Vase is together with table.
champagne : Champagne Bucket Stand CHEZ MOI 
Lamp : Sway's [Facette] Lamp

*Dinner table
   -->36 couple animation (LoveLove animation also set ♡)
   -->table cloth color changeable by touch.
   -->Dishes on the table changeable by touch. 
*Champagne stand touch and fireworks working. 
*Lamp light on / off by touch , changeable the color light cover. 

Have fun <3 
Thanks for reading.