Asian taste by Pastiche @ RFL Home & Garden Expo


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Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo will start very soon!! from 14th Feb secondlife time.
I Hope every visitor fun and Enjoy Shopping.
actually.very beautiful location. you can enjoy for taking a picture or Dating with your love one and fun with your friend.

Relay For Life (RFL) Home & Garden Expo offical website

You can find "at where / what shop exhibiting" on Shopping guide webisite page.
It would be nice help for you.
Shopping Guide

Introducing about  "*Pastiche*" item.  Asian taste House and Decor.
I am a Japanese. I am lucky to meet with this shop and this creation.
above picture is "*Pastiche* Asian Dark Wood Teahouse [Crated]".
Its traditional Asian taste house.  

Showing you inside of house and furniture and decor.
In the Picture of No3, "Placemat with Menu". you can enjoy 6 kind cooking dishes.
Tea making set is by [Tex] Gacha item.

Tea House : *Pastiche* Asian Dark Wood Teahouse [Crated] @ RFL H&G Expo Hope6
Table : Japanese Tea Table  @ RFL H&G Expo Hope6
Cushion : Japanese Cushion  @ RFL H&G Expo Hope6
Mat : Placemat with Menu  @ RFL H&G Expo Hope6 
Shelf : *Pastiche* Asian Shelf w/ Decor  @ RFL H&G Expo Hope6
Shoji : *Pastiche* Asian Shoji Screen  @ RFL H&G Expo Hope6 

[Tex]Andon Cube[MESH] 1 by TEX

[Tex]Tea bowl~Black easy~=Matcha=
[Tex]Tea bowl~Black easy~

Happy Shopping and Enjoy! 
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