Brace up! by VeroModero


Dear reader. Good morning / evening!! (for me)

I watched on TV and internet news about explosion in Turkey...
I worry my dear friends in Turkey. They are cherish me care me a lot.
I hope from my heart all of my friend are fine and good.

Introducing about [VM] VERO MODERO Brace Gowns.
VeroModero released 2 type dress same time. and this is one of dress.
Stylish long skirt but sexy back style. available 14 color.


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Gown : [VM] VERO MODERO / Brace Gown N Blue
Hair : [e] Sound - Essentials Collection

I live in island country. so we dont encounter terrorism so often at least than Europe or UnitedState.
we feel that kind of far place incident. we know that is not true,
but we know that we never know when we get attack, never know when we encounter this incident.
So when i can help of them i want to help from my heart and do my BEST.
am not sure what i can but if i have something, i want to.

thanks for reading,
see you in next my blog!