Carpe Diem! @ RFL H&G Expo


Dear reader.

ScondLife Relay for Life Home and Garden Expo time!!

I met with "Bee Designs" and "M.Law Designs" in this event.
I knew both shop since a while ago because i saw often about them on FB. I want to cherish this happy encounter.

Introducing about "Bee Designs" and "M.Law Designs".
I have wanted to blog together. because both creator are LoveLove♡ in SL and in RL.
and i like Bee and Marcelo very much!!
when i talked with them even first time, they talked to me friendly and very kind and gently.

Their exhibit items are on Hope6 sim.
Shopping Guide

Sea side and under the bright pink sky, would be enjoy with friend and with your love one.
both side items by M.Law Designs. middle items are by Bee Designs.
I think i did nice set up! :D

i wanted to emphasize glass flower and barrel flower. they are so sweet.  so i did set up on the wood deck. (picture2 and picture3)
Those flower makes me feel happy and cozy. looks nice? i like it!

Under the Willow Tree, there is 2 pillows. and there is bench next Willow tree.
both furniture including cuddle animation. Its so lovely animation and cute <3

<< Credit >>

.:M.LAW:. Saanich Deck BOX @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6 Donation item. (picture 2)
.:M.LAW:. Fernie SHED BOX  @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6 Donation item.  (picture 3)
Bee Designs  Romantic Willow Tree @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6 Donation item (picture 4)
Bee Designs Le Jardin Bench box  @ RFL Home & Garden Expo Hope6 Donation item (picture 4)

I like "Bee Designs" and "M.Law Designs" creation very much.
Specially how to set up "Flower" in their creation. Because flowers makes me feel good in SL and in RL.
Flower is one of important element in SL and in RL.

Thanks for reading.
Hope you Enjoy Home&Garden Expo!