Easter comes around


Dear reader.  Good morning! / evening!

Easter is the traditional and very very important festival of Christian.  The Easter coming at Next Sunday.
but in SL, we are already in Easter mood :)  a lot of shop released Easter item.
This time, i would love to introduce you "Aphrodite shop" Easter item.
and CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released "WICKER CHAIR GOOD MOOD" for Lost and Found.
Lost and Found.
as always, CHEZ MOI's chair has love love animation :)


Aphrodite Shop Slurl
Lost and found Slurl (from 22th March to 01 April)

(( Credit ))
  Aphrodite The Easter Eggs Tree pink version
  Aphrodite Crazy bunnies Easter tree
  Aphrodite The Easter Eggs Tree "fantasy 2" version
 Aphrodite My first Easter babies gift
 Aphrodite optional deco for baby
 Aphrodite Easter Delivery!
 Aphrodite Easter Mrs Bunny (rezzable)
 Aphrodite Easter basket with bunny love! (rezz)
 Aphrodite Easter basket " One bunny loves you"

Chair : Wicker Chair Good Mood CHEZ MOI @ Lost and Found
Cart : Easter mesh cart @ Happy Easter Day Hunt #09 by Prim Pile Creations
 -->You should go to first #01 shop at first
Outdoor Fire Pit by Galland Homes (Edited to take off fire pit.There is Fire pit at center)
grass flower : Fu's Primrose pink sculp2 (main store)

Aphrodite shop is ready a lot of Easter item.
Specially, for kids items and wearable item are very lovely.
but they are not showing above picture. you may see the other item at main store.
and you can see some tree above piture. they are "crazy bunnies "Easter tree""
This tree has big secret....
Check it out <3

Thanks for reading. Have a Cute Easter. :)
see you soon...