Happy Leprechaun


Dear reader.

"If you could catch the Leprechaun in St Patricks Day, you would be get a lot of gold"
This is a traditional folklore of Irish. but even now some Irish say ... be careful for Leprechaun... :)
I love to know the other country folklore. those are very mysterious and fantasy.

and in Secondlife, green green green everywhere.
are you ready for St Patricks Day decoration?

(( Credit  @ Aphrodite shop St Patricks & Easter Market))
Green Shed : Aphrodite St Patricks Market Stall
sign : Aphrodite Happy St Patricks day mesh sign
sign (Green) : Aphrodite St Patricks day sign
tree with rainbos and gold : Aphrodite "Rainbows end" tree with dropping coins
tall tree : Aphrodite falling shamrocks tree
short tree : Aphrodite - The Leprechauns Tree
shamrock : Aphrodite mesh Shamrocks 3 (Dark green)
shamrock : Aphrodite mesh Shamrocks 1
shamrock : Aphrodite mesh Shamrocks 2

(( Credit  @ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE))
table : Saint Patrick's Table Multipose CHEZ MOI
on the table : Saint Patrick Candy Apple CHEZ MOI
on the table : Saint Patrick Beer CHEZ MOI
beanbag : Beanbag Green Irish Luck CHEZ MOI
shamrock sign : Saint Patricks Sign Decor CHEZ MOI
Leprechaun (on the shamrock sign) : Leprechaun Clover CHEZ MOI
Speech Bubble  : Add on - Speech Bubble 1 CHEZ MOI
Leprechaun : Leprechaun & Gold CHEZ MOI (on the table)
Leprechaun : Leprechaun Sit CHEZ MOI
Speech Bubble  : Add on - Speech Bubble 3 CHEZ MOI
Leprechaun : Leprechaun Standing CHEZ MOI
Speech Bubble  : Add on - Speech Bubble 2 CHEZ MOI
Leprechaun : Lay Leprechaun CHEZ MOI (on the beanbag)

(( Credit the other ))
fence : ::FG:: wooden fence long A (group gift / 2012) (Market place)
grass clover : Fu's Clover 4tex L-mesh (shop)

Visit to Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair and get lovely Leprechaun <3

Have a nice St Patricks Day!
Thanks for reading.