Lemonade and music


Dear reader. nice to see you again :)

when you listening the music, would you like to drink a lemonade?
and if it was a music concert at outside, it would be a sweet early spring memory for you.

I would like to introduce you CHEZ MOI FURNITURE group gift item "The Lemonade Booth * CHEZ MOI"
This is a gift for free group member.
and  DJ booth next of Lemonade booth is "**JPK Steampunk DJ Booth Ver.2" at The Secret Room.
The Secret Room this round will close on 14th March. (0:00 SLT)

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store Slurl
*:.:*The Secret Room*:.:* Slurl

DJ Booth : **JPK Steampunk DJ Booth Ver.2 with Dj animation @ The Secret Room
Lemonade booth : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. THE LemonadeBooth  (Group Gift)
Lemonade booth sign : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Sign LemonadeBooth (Group Gift)
chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. StoolGreen LemonadeBooth (Group Gift)
chair : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. StoolOrange LemonadeBooth (Group Gift)

House : [Gift Shop] Tiny House (Marketplace)
grass flower : Fu's Clover 4tex L-mesh (main store)

Have Happy your "Second Life" :)
Thanks for reading. see you real soon!