Ready to sew (Creators Festival / Uber)


Dear reader. Good morning! / Evening!

"Creators Festival" going to run from March 5th to 12th..only 1 week!
You will find many lovely item. and Join the auction and the other many plans :)
I will let you know the Slurl in my blog after this event open. I hope you will Enjoy this event.

Kushi is very beutiful woman. she knows that blogging for Texture is complicate unless creating something.
so she ready as "fabric roll" to blogger of her texture. then we can blog  "Texture". I worried and was thinking about how to blog it.
I hope you see in my picture.. but if you dont see good. visit and check to Creators Festival!!

(( Credit ))
Sway's [Fay] Canopy Daybed / Adult @ Uber

fabric roll from left side...
unravel left KTN CF GiltMoodsSILK @ Creators Festival
unravel right KTN CF  GiltMoodsSILVER @ Creators Festival
FabRoll L KTN CF BusyPaisley SILK @ Creators Festival
unravel right KTN CF  GiltMoodsGOLD @ Creators Festival
FabRoll R KTN CF BusyPaisley SILK @ Creators Festival

Sway's [Floria] Hanging Plants . long / rainbow @ Sway's main store
Sway's [Zodiac] Wall art . libra @ .Whimsical. 
Sway's [Zodiac] Wall art . capricorn @ .Whimsical. 
Sway's [Zodiac] Wall art . cancer @ .Whimsical. 
Sway's [Lemar] Crate Stool . open (no animations)  @ Sway's main store

outfit : LUXE Paris BLUE DREAM Men Pyjama Boxe @ Marketplace

Enjoy <3
Thanks for reading. see you soon!