Pretty Toadstool in garden


Dear reader. Hope your weekday will everything fine <3

when i was elementary school students, it was homework the observation of morning glory in summer vacation.
and this was kind of standard homework for us on summer vacation.
but i dont remenber detail of morning glory. how long time spend the time to glow up, or i could grow up properly or not after all.
when i found Morning Glory in Secondlife, it makes me remind it sometimes.

CHEZ MOI FURNITURE released Toadstool table set (Toadstool!!!)
Nanda named Toadstool for them, but they are very cute for me lol
and around morning glory and Hydrangea fence stuff was released by [CIRCA] @  Dreams Gacha Fair. Running to the 28th April.
This is Gacha item. per play / 50L, 5 RARES & 22 Commons.
TOADSTOOL MAGICAL SET was released for Lost and found by CHEZ MOI FURNITURE. (April 22th - May 1st)

(( credit ))
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" String Light Stand - Moss & Cream @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Chalkboard Sign - Sky Frame @  Dreams Gacha Fair
Sway's [Maya] Bench @ Sway's main store
Toadstool Magical Table CHEZ MOI (5 chair / 1 table ) @ Lost and found
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Wall Fountain Stand - Tan Stone @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Wall Trellis - Multi Double  RARE @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Wall Trellis - Multi Double  RARE 1 @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Side Table w/ Birdhouse - Cream/ Nut @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Ottoman Seat A -Garden Zag Lt (6 pos) @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Bread & Fruit Basket (Giver)  @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Tulip Basket (Giver) RARE @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Area Rug - Chevron Spring Mix2 @  Dreams Gacha Fair
[CIRCA] - "Morning Glory" Area Rug - Garden ZigZag Lt @  Dreams Gacha Fair
Sway's [Maya] Welcome Sign . mint  @ Sway's main store

hope your lovely  Toadstool life. Thanks for reading.
see you soon.... :)