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Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekday.

Have you visit to On9 New round?
This round is anniversary round and It's worth to visit there even if you are not going shopping.

Aphrodite shop released so so cute "Botanical Corner" to On9 New round.

above picture is whole style of Botanical house. and  Iron Fence was released by Sway's for We <3 RP new round.
Iron Fence availabe 5 color and 6 type.  and 25%off only at We <3 RP.
This time i chose black color decorate with Botanical house.
I have thinking since i opened "Botanical Corner". i wanted to take picture with Cherry tree.
Green and pink combinations are lovely colors. :)

and next 2 pictures are close up inside of Botanical house.
There is many botanical and chair set and pond at center. If Marina asked me what i want to put in this house, i will answer about "Bonsai".
It is nice hanging from ceiling or just put on the floor.
By the way, If you are Japanese or if you like Japanese culture, you know what bonsai meaning. Bonsai is an expressive "Small forest"
of course Miniature of big tree also.

<< Credit >>
Iron fence
 Sway's [Herold] Iron Fence - gate with pillar . black @ We <3 RP
 Sway's [Herold] Iron Fence - fence with 1 pillar . black @ We <3 RP

Botanical Corner... use rezzar.
Everything including in this picture furniture and botanical and decor and pond :)
I like this pond very much <3

 Cherry tree : Fu's Sakura 7.2m
 The Path : AD Walking Through Summer: Path

Thanks for reading. Hope your happy shopping.
see you soon...