Early Summer


Dear reader.  I hope you are everything fine!

My computer had problem and it was not easy to solve. but anyway my computer working well :)
am glad it. and my work in RL also pretty busy. so i have not blog for a while. (at least for me for a while lol)

anndd... my first blog after i back. my new blog partner "Bee Designs "".:M.LAW:. "

May i talk about them and me? ... if you don't want. you can pass and go to picture and credit!
I met with them "RFL Home&garden Expo" on early spring. I felt in love their creation when i met first time.

better way i stop my chat lol

(( Credit ))
raft : .:M.LAW:.  Midsummer Raft PG @ TRES CHIC June (from June 17th to July 10th)
Bee Designs Summer Lights  PG - Box @ TRES CHIC June (from June 17th to July 10th)

Fu's Cosmos pink 2012 prim type
Fu's Cosmos yellow 2012 prim type
Fu's Cosmos choco 2012 prim type

at Tres Chic event, you will find in PG and in Adult.

I wanted to take a picture the nature of Secondlife with my computer.
and their item was so wonderful looking!

Happy shopping and Lovely time with your loved one. :)
Thanks for reading.