Rose Romper Dress by Prism


Dear reader.

The uniform changed where i working in RL since the first of June. more and more will be hot.
so changed more looks cool uniform and it would be feel much better on so hot summer also.
We called it "Cool Biz".

One of my favorite romper dress of Prism "Kiki Rose Romper Dress" Created by Journey McLaglen.
Looks like soft silky cloth and pale blue rose design.
It would be sexy home outfit with loved one on lovely night also.

Dress : Prism Kiki Rose Romper Dress by Journey
Hair : enVOGUE - HAIR Gisselle - Dark Browns
body & Head : The mesh project

location : ...Clover Town...  

Hope you like this lovely romper dress.  and visit Prism main store.
Happy shopping!