My room with my ocean


Dear reader. Hope you enjoying the SecondLife,

Its diculous..... hot hot day today in RL. and i got heatstroke a few days ago but it was very weak one but when first stage, i felt i got a cold...
so please take care to your body and take water a lot when hot!

I would love to show you my decorating room.
At first...looking like lovey bed... but this bed is for many kind of BDSM menu you will enjoy.
but i wanted to introduce you about texture change. this bed texture change by HUD!
you can pick up for easy way or Mix and Match both of pattern. and if you change the HUD, you can change the other type texture also.
I hope you will like the texture also for this bed as one furniture.

Credit -----
[CIRCA] - :VIBE: Retro Sofa PG - Charcoal (72 sgl+16 cpl)
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Controller Table - Classic
Sway's [Koba] Chair . with pillow . light / Adult
Sway's [Koba] Chair . with pillow . dark / Adult
Sway's [Koba] Sideboard . with decor . dark
[CIRCA] - :VIBE: TV Stand - Honey Wood (touch screen)
Sway's [Kai] Dresser
[CIRCA] - :VIBE: Floor Vase - Lust
[CIRCA] - :VIBE: Floor Vase - Black
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Hive Wall Shelf - Red/Yel/Purple
[CIRCA] - "Game NerdZ" Retro Hive Wall Shelf - Aqua/Green/Org
[CIRCA] - Power Art Panel - "Outward"
[CIRCA] - Power Art Panel - "Chevrons"
[CIRCA] - :VIBE: Area Rug - Chenille - Retro Interlock Charcoal
Bed : [Ds] Modern Bondage Bed v1.6 [C/M/NT] by dictatorshop

Have lovely Summer day <3
Thanks for coming to my blog,.