Red wood warm story @ SOS Festival


Dear reader.

Did you visit to "Spoonful of Sugar Festival (SOS)"?  official website is here.
This is a charity event to benefit to "Medicins San frontiers doctors without borders".
Running from 9th September to 25th.
Shopping guide is here. You can find what merchant is participating as exhibitor.
All sim can fly and can double-click teleport. so you can move very freedom.

I hope you visit and walking around and if you have interesting in something, part of or all of your shopping will donated to doctor without borders.and i really hope you enjoy this event.

Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables Sim

This beautiful red wood house was by *Elite Equestrian*. This shop is in Breedables sim.
*Elite Equestrian* is ready many kind of horse avater and horse house. second picture is the space of horse.
you can live in this house as your main house. but if you breeding the horse or you have horse avater, it would be more enjoy the horse life with this house.
Rezzing by rezzar / 4 horse stalls / large living room and 2 side room. Also, built in Sunlight.
This sunlight is so beautiful. it makes me feel warm winter sunshine.
The house in first picture"*E* Ranch House [BOXED] Brown" is 100% donation item.

This sofa and mat set item by Love Everlasting PlantsPets.
The color is blue in above picture but "Orange" and "Plum".. this 2 color is 100% donation item.
They would be nice color with autumn and winter season... however. i love blue color.. so i chose blue when taking picture :p
Fall Crate with clothe and pumpkin item by *Magnum Opus. This item also 100% donation item.
It would MUST item for autumn and Halloween season.

I would love to show you inside house and some of furniture and decorated item.
Living room set by CLOSER TO THE HEART CREATIONS.  This item is 50% donation item.
and "GIVE THANKS" box comes by *Magnum Opus. 100% donation item.
I hope you can check sunlight inside of house.. only a little bit i did edit on PS. However..don't you feel warm sunshine?

and one more picture in the living room.... because very very large living room. so i can not show you in one picture.
Elegant sofa comes by Outside the box (OTB!) . This sofa also 100% donation item. this is in PG. but including very very lovely animiaton ♥
Side chair and bench comes by Love EverLasting PlantPets. Those items are one of Gacha item.
You can visit gacha place -> Gacha goodies  . 100% proceeds goes to donated of Gacha goodies.
and lovely shelf comes by Outside box (OTB!) "OTB! Cotton Candy Armoire". this is one of item of Cotton Candy Bedroom set in PG or in Adult. It will be donated 100% of your proceed.
*MHbM* (Magick Happens by Monavie) creator Monavie Voight provided to blogger many item.
I appreciate her because of her provide, we could blog and we can show for many people.
Those item will come later on this post again.
At first,  2 Lighted Ladder picture display. They are donation item of 50% your proceed.

This so cutie but elegant furniture in this room.
The bed /  Chair (Plaid type and Striped type) / Swan fern and lily / Floor lamp ... those item comes by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine.
Specially "Sweet bed"... like bed name. so sweet animation including. i hope you have sweet time with your love one <3
The bed is 50% donation item and the other items are 100% donation item. If you can decorate or make pretty room only charity event item, it would be so wonderful things.. don't you think? I think and I will do so.
Black wood cabinet comes by *MHbM* Magick Happens by Monavie "Bathroom cabinet" but i put in bedroom.... is nothing strange.. right? lol
and and ... This so pretty "Victoria Vanity" comes by Spargel & Shine Homes. It is 100% donation item.
I didnt take a picture of close up...Come to SOS fesitival and check this vanity ... you will know how much beautiful texture and made detail. and lovely makeup animation :)
Spargel & Shine Homes is ready the other beautiful item too for SOS festival. Check them and make your georgeus garden.

Next room is very lightfull room.
blue cloth table set "*MHbM* Magick Reading Table" comes by *MHbM* Magick Happens by Monavie,. This is a 50% donation item. (Rzzing by rezzar)
Inside Sofa and table set item comes by *Pastiche*. 100% donation item.
The sofa sit up to 2 and chair can sit up to 1.

All item Credit
picture1 and picture2  --
House : *E* Ranch House Brown

picture3 --
LEP ~ Botanical Sofa *Blue*
LEP ~ Botanical Potted Palm *Blue*
LEP ~ Botanical Chair *Blue*
LEP ~ Botanical Rug *Blue*
[MO] Fall Crate
LEP ~ Botanical Sofa *Plum*
LEP ~ Botanical Potted Palm
LEP ~ Botanical Chair *Plum*
LEP ~ Botanical Rug *Plum*

picture4 --
[MO] Give Thanks Blocks
Modern Country Couch
Modern Country Lamp
Modern Country End Table
Modern Country Chair
Modern Country Coffee Table
Modern Country Rug

picture5  --
*MHbM* Lighted Ladder Picture Display - Landscapes
*MHbM* Lighted Ladder Picture Display - Magick
OTB! Cotton Candy Armoire
OTB!  Elegante Sofa/PG
*Lok's* Mesh Coffee Table with Texture Change - 1 land impact @ Marketplace
LEP ~ Patio Chair *Sienna*

picture6 and picture7
K*Sugary Sweet Bed ADULT 12
K*Sugary Sweet Swan w/ Fern 5
K*Sugary Sweet Swan w/ Lily 4
K*Sugary Sweet Floor Lamp  5
K*Sugary Sweet Chair Striped 3
K*Sugary Sweet Chair Plaid 3
TWS - Vintage Flowers Pedestal Table - TOSL Hunt Gift (previous Hunt)
Dragon Pavilion Absinthe Dispenser
*MHbM* Bathroon Cabinet
Victoria's Vanity

picture8 --
*MHbM* Magick Reading Table
*MHbM* Reader Chair
*MHbM* Client Stool
*MHbM*  Reading Table Candle
*MHbM* Celtic Cross
*Pastiche* Bailey Patio Loveseat
*Pastiche* Bailey Patio Chair
*Pastiche* Bailey Coffee Table

I hope you like those picture and if you have interesting in it, Visit to SOS and enjoy shopping.
If you have something question, please contact me.  (avater name : xkumomix resident )

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Hope your FAB Sunday <3