Autumn camp and pumpkin decor


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend :)

Have you visit to The Chapter four? maybe only me that have not visited ...
I visited today first time this round. as always, it can be able to empty my wallet .. lol
so i just checked CHEZ MOI FURNITURE item and back to home.
Chez Moi Furniture released "CAMPING FUN" set. It comes in PG and in Adult.
and right now, CHEZ MOI FURNITURE main store having "SpookTacular Hunt ".
Find the ghost object. you can grab them FREE! Until 24th October.

and Swarm of Hunt 3 is running. This hunt also until 24th October.

Credit  ---
Log Couch Camping Fun (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter four
Camping Fun Tent (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter four
Camping Fun Campfire Multiposes CHEZ MOI @ The Chapter four
Bench : .: CHEZ MOI :.  Autumn Bench @ Free GG in Chez Moi furniture main store (left bench)
Bench : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky CreepyBench  (right bench)
   @ SpookTacular Hunt in Chez Moi furniture main store
Pumpkin flowe vase : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky HideCat
   @ SpookTacular Hunt in Chez Moi furniture main store
pumpkin vase : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky PumpkinVase
   @ SpookTacular Hunt in Chez Moi furniture main store

(Decor) - Nice & Quaint Autumn 1 @ Swarm of Hunt3
(Decor) - Nice & Quaint Autumn 2 @ Swarm of Hunt3
 Hint: Find me under a tree
 Hint: Singing..Then we'll be happy in that land where no Cabins fall

Tree : Autunm Tree landscape 1 @ Bad Katz Textures and Mesh

Little by little, autumn become deep. Feel winter is very soon but still October middle.
I can imagine autumn camp is so fantastic and romantic in many ways <3

Enjoy autumn camp but be careful for dont get cold!
Thanks for coming to my blog.