Halloween party...?


Dear reader. 

After, i cam to Secondlife, there is not "Halloween" word in my daily. 
but now a days, in RL also, "Halloween" became very close to my darily. 
Specially after i started furniture blog, Halloween is much closer to me in Secondlife. 

Aphrodite shop released New Halloween stuff and autumn item for main store and for ON9 october round 
Lovely balloon arch, and many dishes on the talbe. and pretty apple lantan... 
They can be part of your Halloween party and it would be fun! 

Party set : Aphrodite "Little Halloween" Party Set @ Aphrodite shop main store
White pumpkin : 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pumpkin Autumn Decoration @ The Season Story Gift 
Man : Aphrodite "Pumpkin Man"  Autumn Deco @ ON9 october round 
balloon : .::: NEW Chez Moi :::. Spooky Balloon @ Chez Moi Furniture Hunt (Until 24th October)

Aphrodite Autumn tea tray (Picture2) @ Aphrodite shop main store
Chair : Aphrodite Autumn Chair
Talble : Aphrodite leaf table
Apple Lantan : Aphrodite apple lantern
Tray : Aphrodite Autumn tea tray decorative
Candle : Aphrodite Autumn Candle

fence : Incendia Sweet October Hunt Gift @ Incendia Outdoors

Aphrodite shop website : http://aphroditeshop-sl.com/

Enjoy the Party!! <3 
Thanks for coming to my blog.