Happy to be home


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday nice ended!

When got home, think "happy to be home". Always, when i decorate, i am trying you feel when look my picture. but always it is very hard for me... ^^;

my very dear Sway's is participating with Candy fair. They are lovely pastel color furniture.
Sway's are ready a gift and a gacha too!
Candy fair is running until 31th October. if you don't visit yet, you have time!
same time, i would love to share with you Adorably Strange Wares's furniture at The Boho Fair.

Sway's [Lisha] Lounge Set @ Candy fair
Chair : Sway's [Lisha] Lounge Chair with Footstool . purple/yellow
Chair : Sway's [Lisha] Lounge Chair . blue/orange
Sidetable : Sway's [Lisha] Side Table . blue
picture frame(Gacha) : Sway's [Sweets] Picture Holder . Heart candy pink
picture frame(Gacha) : Sway's [Sweets] Picture Holder . Heart candy blue
Sidetable : Sway's [Lisha] Side Table . red
picture fraame on the wall : Sway's [Lisha] Picture Frame (Gift)

Othe Sway's item
Dresser : Sway's [Emmi] Dresser . ebony (left one) @ Sway's main store
Dresser : Sway's [Emmi] Dresser . rosewood (right one)  @ Sway's main store
Candle : Sway's [Eris] table candelabra . gold (low LoD)   (left one) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Candle : Sway's [Eris] table candelabra . silver (high LoD) (right one) @ The Liaison Collaborative
washstand : Sway's [Emmi] Washstand / wood . animated @ Sway's main store

Adorably Strange Wares The Autumn Equinox Gacha @ The Boho Fair
~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Chaise
 ~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Incense Table
~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Tea Crate
~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Rug
~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Butterfly Cage
~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Rose Trellis
~ASW~ The Autumn Equinox Stained Glass

Hope you enjoy the shopping <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.