Industrial kitchen


Dear reader.  Hope your happy Sunday <3

I love "Kitchen space". in SL and in RL both.
I think that in Kitchen is kind of Date place with loved person.... dont you think?

Chez Moi Furniture ""INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN STYLE" for BUY NOW - online event" would make lovely situation. until 30th. Coming in PG and Adult.
Seerch keyword : "BUY NOW - NOVEMBER" on Marketplace :
You can find all BUY NOW event item. Hope you find nice item with nice price.

and [CIRCA] released Curtain and rug for Swank November round.
Swank November round will close on 30th.

Credit @ BUY- NOW - online event by Chez Moi Furniture
Kitchen : Industrial Kitchen (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Refrigerator : Industrial Fridge CHEZ MOI
Shelf : Industrial Shelf CHEZ MOI
table : Multiscene Industrial Table CHEZ MOI
Chair : Industrial Metal Chair CHEZ MOI
Bench : White Industrial Bench (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Bucket flower : Bucket Flowers CHEZ MOI
Tray : Industrial Decorated Tray CHEZ MOI

Credit @ [CIRCA] on Swank November
Curtain : [CIRCA] - "Grafica" Autumn Leaf Curtains - Acorn (C/M)
Rug : [CIRCA] - "Grafica" Autumn Leaves Rug - Ivory (C/M)

House : dust bunny . willow farmhouse

Industrial table change the dishes by touch for many kinds. and Refrigerator also have lovely cuddle animation and single animation.
you can check about those item go to product blog by Chez moi furniture.

Hope you enjoy your lovely Kitchen life!!
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