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Blogger Challenge Day 9 photo "Tree"
While winter time, the tree is naked... no leaf ... there is only branch.
However, doesnt falling leaves tree also beautiful.. specially in snow.

White piano : [Mesh] White Grand Piano - Christmas Edition : by Dekute Dekore @ 100% Donation item
chipmunks with small Chrismtas tree : chipmunks Xmas Tree by Simply Shelby Gacha / 50%Donation / per 50L)
 Dekute Dekore in Expo / Gacha and Raffles, auction in Expo

White Fountain : Wintery Fountain CHEZ MOI @ Chez Moi Furniture main store
Couple Snowman : Aphrodite loving snowmen couple @ Aphrodite shop Group Gift
Tree : Aphrodite Winter tree-Sycamore (Animated Snowrabbits)  Lighted @ Aphrodite shop Marketplace
Tree : Aphrodite Winter tree - Sycamore Young Winter with lights @ Aphrodite shop Makrketplace
Deer : Winter Deer Grove by Simply Shelby 
Reindeer : Winter Reindeer Feast by Simply Shelby

Day 10 Christmas Holiday Recipe... This is my story.
Holiday Recipe... i assumed this meaning that cooking or cake recipe only Christmas...  i hope not wrong..
Recipe..This is not "my recipe"..
I talked with my partner which eat on Christmas is normal Turkey or Chicken.
so he said Turkey. I thought eating chicken and i had been eating it for long time.  I know of course its depends the place. but here... in Japan, Chicken is normal. Turkey distribution is kind of rare and if i found, it would be very expensive. Christmas season will increasing on market but not much.
Probably i can say i never ate turkey. maybe there is something meaning to eat turkey but if i have to choose which i want to eat, i will choose "Chicken".

SL Christmas Expo is until 12th December.
if you don't visit yet, still you have time. It is open on 4 sim. but you can find easy what and where.
Official blog -->

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