Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far. my weekday is so and so so far....

Have you enjoying Winter event or Hunt??  SL Christmas Expo? :)
SL Chrismas Expo LM giver location
Winter cafe

Outdoor winter fun .... (2:37am 6th Dec SLT.. Day 6 blogger Challenge!)
Blogger challenge themes makes me think a lot.. lol
Snowing for a few days every winter after i came to mainland of Japan. Still I am enjoying the snow. (Also annoying in many ways....). Step on the snow and grab the snow ... i am like a baby lol
of course wearing warm coat :)
Oh yes! I LOVE hot spring in winter.... but still i never take hot spring in snowing! this is one of my dream.
I love the winter fashion too... and winter food ...  winter fun for me.. is "Winter" in many ways. inside and outside both.

Hope that this article is not beside point.....

Credit for SL Christmas Expo --
Snowman with Sled : OTB! It's Snow Fun  by Outside the box!
Winter campfire set  : Cuddle Campfire - Winter / Christmas by DIVIAs Design

Credit for the other Event --
cat and gift on the wagon : K*TCJ Hunt Gift December 2016 by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine
  @ Cooke Jar Winter Hunt
Joy with small snowman : .:TT:.  SNOWMAN JOY by  TYLAR'S TREASURES.
House : [C a r o X] House Woody 2 for free

Credit for Bee Design
Couple snow : .:Bee Designs:. Snow Couple F/F @  Tannenbaum
Rock : .:Bee Designs:. Snow Couple F/F @  Bee Design Christmas Line
Rock : .:Bee Designs:.Winter Rock (4 rocks-1 Li) @ Bee Design Christmas Line
Snow on the floor : .:Bee Designs:.Snow with lights 2 (no Physics) 6x6-3Li @ Bee Design Christmas Line

Outside the box! in SL Expo
DIVIAs Design in SL Expo

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