2017 photo booth by Chez Moi Furniture


Dear reader. Hope your middle weekday is good so far!

Chez Moi Furniture released lovely photo booth for new year of 2017.
This post is little bit late to blog. but i wanted to introduce you this booth for you.
It would be good picture for you and your friend and your love one :)
Picture booth Market place

  • 12 singles static poses (4 each spot) 
  • 12 friends static poses (6 x 2) 
  • 16 couple static poses (8 x 2) 

I did not show in below picture about gorgeous new year cart.
This also only on PG. but including lovely animation.
Happy New Year Set Marketplace
Animations are....

  • Room for 1-4 people 
  • 3 single animations each spot 
  • 24 couple poses (12 x 2) + 1 static pose for pictures. 
and featured clothes by Veromodero Group Gift. Guy and woman both. 

Photo booth : 2017 Photo Booth CHEZ MOI
Cart : New Year's Eve Cart CHEZ MOI
Decor : Wall Lights in Happy New year Decor 

Plant flower : Ariskea {Winter Nostalgia} Mirtille Plant (Previouse Deco(c)rate item)
Grass : green grass 001 green (Closed)
Wall : snowy half-broken wall 302 by Gumi's Flower Shop

Guy : [VM] VERO MODERO / Passion Male Set @ GroupGift free to join!
Woman : [VM] VERO MODERO / Passion Dress @ GroupGift free to join!

Hope you enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.