Very Very private kitchen and dining


Dear reader. 
I am watching United State President "Inaugural Parade in Washington" on Facebook live. 
I think America is already great country as somebody said. 
so i hope America will be much more great under him. 

I am hidden my very secret item..... you will know when you see the credit... :)
Aphrodite shop / Heart Home released so so pretty kitchen "French Country Kitchen". 
I love kitchen in Secondlife. I like to use as just decor too but if this kitchen has lovely animation, i would love more <3 
There is a lot of cool kitchen scene. Including a NC of "How to use" read this and Enjoy! 
You can try the DEMO in Main store
and i decorated [CIRCA] Living released rug, and flower decorated table, and Velvet Chaise. 
You can find it at [CIRCA] Living main store

Kitchen set : <Heart Homes> French Country Kitchen -FAMILY- @ Family / PG in Marketplace /  Adult in Marketplace
*Rezzing by rezzar. 
Chaise : [CIRCA] - "Horizon" Velvet Chaise R - Gold Ed. (34A pos) 
table : [CIRCA] - "Garden Escape" Centre Table - Pink Flowers & Friends
Mug : [CIRCA] - "Snow Days" Hot Cocoa Mug - Green (rez)
Mug : [CIRCA] - "Snow Days" Hot Cocoa Mug - White (rez)
Mug : [CIRCA] - "Snow Days" Hot Cocoa Mug - Cran (rez)
Planter : [CIRCA] - "ClearView" Mini Tree Bush Planter 1
Rug : [CIRCA] - "Winter Dreams" Round Area Rug - Lime Snow
Lilght stand : [CIRCA] - :VIBE: Optic Light Stand - Red/Gold (touch)
Horse : [Ds] Buckley Rocking Horse ADULT Edition v1.1 @ Main store / Marketplace 
*You can purchase in PG too! 
*Color change by HUD for detail. wear tyep and rez type. 

Enjoy Your Secondlife! 
Thanks for coming to my blog. See you soon....