Panda family with rustic swing


Dear reader. Wishes your nice Tuesday <3

I wanted to post as much as earlier! The Panda is coming to my blog.
TLC Home Collection released lovely panda with some position with bamboo tree in package for Cosmopolitan. Cute and lovely animal in RL too. you might thinking that panda is eating always only bamboo. but.... don't forget.. panda is kind of bear. :D 
and rustic design swing by Chez Moi furniture. Coming in PG and in Adult. This is first item for Cosmopolitan by Chez Moi. Cosmopolitan right now round open until February 17th.

Swing :  Rustic Swing Douceur CHEZ MOI @  Cosmopolitan
Panda : Panda adult standing  Cosmopolitan
Panda : TLC Panda Cub Sitting
Panda : Panda cub standing
Panda : TLC Panda Cub Sitting
pond : Garden Pond by Pure Country Designs @ Marketplace (in-world closed) 

Thanks for coming to my blog.