Gardening time


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend :)

I will start very small area if i have a vegetable or fruits fields.
and if i grow up together with flowers or trees, it would be more nice time. i will choose the cherry tree for sure!
So i can see beautiful Cherry blossom every year! one of my dream in RL :)

Credit @ Perfect TEN
Greenhouse : K*Windhaven Greenhouse  32 by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine
Lounger : K*Windhaven Paint Lounger  13 by Kaya's Ray of Sunshine
planter : Chicken Planter by HJM Designs

Carrot filed : JIAN Carrot Patch :: 2x2 Plot @ FLF
fence around carrot field : ::FG:: wooden fence short A @ Previous groupgfit by frog's garden
wood road : ::FG:: railroad tie @ Previous groupgfit by frog's garden
Ship planter : mini shipwreck planter by Simply Shelby
Garden bag : *ZG* Gardening Break -CLICK TO SIT by Zoe's Garden
Marguerite : Fu's Marguerite pink S2
Flower garden : Spring Hedgehog Garden-Purple LG by Simply Shelby

house : Unfurnished Wayside House by Constantine Productions
tree road : AD Walking Through Summer: Cobblestone

Perfect TEN is running to the 15th April.
I hope you visit and check it out pretty furniture decor.

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy Your Secondlife!