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Cheeky Pea new vip group gift "Vell seat". beautiful white and lighting.
i bought a lot of Cheeky Peas item and this gift is very nice!
Perfect TEN is running to the 15th June.
Perfect TEN is an home and decor event on The Cookie jar sim.
Items are special price offer only during the event.

Credit @ Perfect TEN by Dreamland Design (DD Boyce Lovers Couch Set)
DD Boyce Lovers Couch/Adult
DD Romantic Frames
DD Boyce Twigs Vase
DD Dream Conservatory Lamp

Credit @ SaNaRae by Aphrodite shop
Aphrodite "French" Bed   (PG)  1.0a

Credit @ Simply Shelby
Kitty Bed
Pet Friends Pillow - lavender
Cockatiel Bird Cage - white

Credit @ [CIRCA] living 
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Shard Burst Mirror - Emerald
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Shard Burst Mirror - Violet
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Shard Burst Mirror - Silver
[CIRCA] - "Chatelaine" Topiary Tower & Clovers - Leafy (M)

Credit @ Cheeky Pea Vip Group Gift
:CP: Veil Seat Gift (PG)

Enjoy shopping!
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