The wind blows in....


Dear reader. Hope good weekday will come to you :)

Second Pride is waiting for you! Running to the 2nd july.
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I really so proud that to be part of Second Pride.

Featuring RJD Pride House and Chez Moi Furniture Vintage lounger Patio set and more.
You can fine "RJD Pride house" in Second Pride!

Credit @ RJD in Second Pride
House : RJD Pride House

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture *Vintage lounger* Marketplace in PG /  Marketplace in Adult
Vintage Lounger (Adult) CHEZ MOI
Vintage Umbrella CHEZ MOI
Vintage Table CHEZ MOI
Lemonade Cup CHEZ MOI
Lemon Bowl CHEZ MOI
Lemonade Jar CHEZ MOI

Scene Credit
walkaway : Spring Walkway - blues @ Simply Shelby
Boadwalk : Sway's [Lane] Boardwalk . straight @ Sway's

RJD Pride house coming with kitchen in first floor and bathroom in Second floor when you rezzing.
It would be good to feel cozy summer wind. i will be open mind and relaxing and will take nap :)

Enjoy Shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.