Colours On The Water


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Perfect TEN July is running to the 15th.
please visit and check new items from awesome creators!

Also.  ""Let's go Glamping"... Gridwide Hunt" running in The Cookie Jar sim.
From:  July 1st -  Midnight - Ends  July 29th Midnight
1L cost / Theme: Furnishing your Glamping trip!
Start point :
Hunt Hint :
Please look for "Tiny Tent"

In this post, featuring HJM Design new "Vanity". 50%off offer only during the event open.
and sneak peek of Cwtch wall art for Home show event. (8th July - 29th July)
I will provide the SLURL when LM provided to blogger.

Credit @ Perfect TEN July
Melissa Vanity by HJM Design

Credit @ Cwtch in Home Show(8th July - 29th July)
Cwtch. Flamingo Print (Standing)
Cwtch. Flamingo Print (Sitting)
Cwtch. Flamingo Print (Clouds)
Cwtch. Be a Flamingo Print

Credit @ [CIRCA]  living 
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Folded Curtain Set -12 colours
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Sofa - Cream (56 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Ring Table -Shine Woods /Touch
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Weave Area Rug - Grass
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Floor Pillow A (16 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Plant Stand Tall - Shine Woods
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Hall Table Ornate -Shine Woods
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Lilac Flower Vase - 6 colours
[CIRCA] - "Colours On The Water" Plant Stand Short -Shine Woods

I will try The Cookir jar sim hunt. Lots of home and garden goodies!
Enjoy shopping and hunting!

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