little Princess room


Dear reader.  Hope your weekday is good!

I have been busy this week .. from Monday. Specially yesterday was busy.
I hope i have my time more from today.

Featuring shops are Aphrodite shop and Cwtch for 4 season hunt prize (Starts July 8th, 1L hunt)

Credit @ Thimble event
Aprodite Princess Bed 1.0
Aphrodite Princess Bedcurtains
Aphrodite Princess deco  teddy bear
Aphrodite Princess Sidetable A
Aphrodite Princess Lamp Unanimated
Aphrodite Princess Sidetable B
Aphrodite Princess Lamp Animated
Aphrodite Princess Pink Rug
Aphrodite Baby Girls Wardrobe (Animated)
Aphrodite - Girls Wardrobe - Rug
Aphrodite - Boys Wardrobe - Rug
Kids Chair & Table Set 1.0
Kids Additional Chair
Please check Aphrodite shop official blog :

Credit @ <Heart Homes> Main store or Marketplace
Aphrodite  Multi functional bed for baby boys & girls

Credit @  Cwtch 4 season hunt item (start july 8th)
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 4
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 1
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 2
Cwtch. Vintage Flower Poster 3

4 season hunt will start soon! stay tuned!

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