Little Pugs beach


Dear reader.

Tropical summer is here! and its with cutie pugs😉
So so lovely pugs coming from {Your Dreams} "Little  Pugs" Gacha for The season Story .
8 items : 1 rares and 7 commons. Will make you lots of pugs in your beach😏

Credit @ {Your Dreams} in The season Story
{YD} Little Pugs - Luna RARE (with pool)
{YD} Little Pugs- Ginger
{YD} Little Pugs - Max
{YD} Little Pugs - Buster
{YD} Little Pugs -  Cooper
{YD} Little Pugs - Amora

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Enchanted Bridge (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH ::
:: N :: Book Lovers' Retreat (Decorated)

Credit @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery *Summer Love*
*Beach Life* Towel Red
*Beach Life* Towel Blue
*Beach Life* Umbrella
*Beach Life* Bucket B
*Beach Life* Bucket A
*Beach Life* Milkshake B
*Beach Life* Milkshake A
*Beach Life* Ice Cream B
*Beach Life* Ice Cream A

So pretty everything!
I really hope you enjoy this picture and visit to main store or the event.

Enjoy your Summer in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.