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Dear reader.  hope your nice weekday <3

Featuring Your Dream in Limit8. running to the 13th September. (opened 18th August)
Limited items is "Fatpack" of kitties. only 188L. if you buy separate, will cost 108L on each.
So cute kitties and lovely heart i love them a lot :)
(some shops limit items are already sold out... so hurry up!)
The other items are in Swank @ Retro Maniac round. Running to the 31th August.

Skybox : LAGOM - Gothenburg Skybox.@ Builder's box August

Credit @ Your Dreams in Limit8
{YD}Cute cat kawaii- Gray cat
{YD}Cute cat kawaii- Yellow Cat
{YD}Cute cat kawaii-  White Cat

Credit @ Park Place in Swank @ Retro Maniac
[Park Place] Dark Maple Retro Bed - Adult
[Park Place] Retro Wall Decor
[Park Place] Retro Floor Lamp - Teal
[Park Place] Retro Credenza
[Park Place] Yellow Retro Phone Decor
[Park Place] "Books" Tissue Holder
[Park Place] Retro Table Lamp - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Accent Chair - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Ottoman with Throw - Teal (singles/cuddles)
[Park Place] Retro Wave Area Rug - Orange
[Park Place] Retro Table Lamp - Yellow
[Park Place] Dark Maple Retro Vanity
[Park Place] Jumbled Time Wall Clock

Credit @ Serendipity Designs in Swank @ Retro Maniac
Serendipity Designs - MacGuire Wall Candles
Serendipity Designs - MacGuire Ceiling Lamp
Serendipity Designs - MacGuire Curtains
Serendipity Designs - MacGuire Light Box
Serendipity Designs - MacGuire Light Box 1
Serendipity Designs - MacGuire Modern Rug

Already im waiting for next Builder's box release.

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