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Dear reader. Hope your Friday is nice.

Time goes by very very fast. weekend came already... too fast.
I saw the news of Earthquake of south area of mexico and M8.2 is very very big more than you think.
News said about considering Tunami too.... make me remind 6 years ago.
I am very worry and i really hope that tunami does not happen at anywhere!

Perfect TEN is running to the 15th September. Passed half of this round already...
All info :
and right now my time also 9pm over! Time passed very fast!

Credit @ Luna Sensual Design in Perfect TEN
Wood house : Menu Driven Tree Platform Home Full Set by Luna Sensual Design

Credit @ TYLAR'S TREASURES in Perfect TEN
Hot spring tub : .:TT:.  HOT SPRINGS TUB CUDDLES

Credit @ .:Tm:. Creation  in Swank September
[Gyoen] Bench Garden PG-S16
[GM11] Asian Garden Plants Rocks Arrangement CM
[GM13] Wild Spring Garden Arrangement C/M
[Pathway LONG w/Fern] Wood Mesh Linked
[P1F] Pathway Wood w/ Ferns middle curve
[GP03D] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GP03D] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM
[GP03C] Spring Summer Mix 6 Flowers Cluster Mesh CM

Credit @ Your Dreams in  Whimsical. (End date : 18th September) 
{YD}Little Panda Family - Little Sick
{YD}Little Panda Family - Sweet tooth
{YD}Little Panda Family - Bumblebee
{YD}Little Panda Family - Environmentalist
{YD}Little Panda Family - Intelligent
{YD}Little Panda Family - In love RARE
{YD}Little Panda Family - Graduate
{YD}Little Panda Family - Protected rain

JIAN Carrot Patch :: 2x2 Plot
*plowwies* cluster tree set 2
Summer Oak 2 Prims (S2) by inVerse

Swank  is running to the 30th.
September round theme is "Tokyo Mix".

Enjoy shopping!
Thanks for coming to my blog.