The doll watching you maybe


Dear reader..  Hope your nice weekday :)

I am not a christian but I really love classic music with pipe organ.
I never touched pipe organ and never seen real one in front of me.. one of my dream to see and hear real one.. :)

Okey so back to Swank.
September round theme is "Tokyo Mix". if you have interesting in an Oriental.. visit and check it out <3
September round close on 30th.

Featuring furniture is by Dreamland design and Kaerri.

Credit @ Dreamland design in  Swank September.
DD Naha Cuddle Couch
DD Naha Round Tassel Rug
DD Naha Coffee Table
DD Home Plant
DD Naha Cuddle Chair 1
DD Naha Picture Frame 1
DD Naha Picture Frame

Credit @ Kaerri in Swank September.
Tokyo Screen
Tokyo Floor Lamp
Tokyo Geisha Doll Case
Geometrica Bonsai
Red Orchid Ikebana
Geometrica Tall Table
Geometrica Short Table
Tokyo Sake & Dish Setting

I have japanese doll in RL. do you like japanese doll? definitely it is beautiful....but..
when i went to bathroom in night time...............................😨

Thanks for coming to my blog.