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Dear reader.  Hope your wonderful Sunday.

Credit @ Swank October
Boo chair - red @ Maven Homes
Boo chair - orange @ Maven Homes
Glass Coffee Table @ Maven Homes
Shelves @ Maven Homes
Circle Table Lamp @ Maven Homes
OTB! Collins Manor Fireplace @ OTB!

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] - Pattern Closet Rug with Trim - Black Wavy Diamonds
[CIRCA] - "Little Black Dress" Closet Cabinet - Black Brocade
[CIRCA] - "Little Black Dress" Closet Cabinet - Black Velvet
[CIRCA] - "Little Black Dress" Cushion Seat - Striped (24 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Little Black Dress" Cushion Seat - Velvet (24 pos)
[CIRCA] - "Little Black Dress" Wall Print

Credit @ Decorate October Harvest Moon (Deco(c)rate Headquarters)
MudHoney Grace Rocking Chair w/ pillow
MudHoney Grace Rocking Chair
Pewpew! White Harvest Chair (Texture Change Branch)
Pewpew! Harvest Planter Solo - Brown Branch
Pewpew! Harvest Planter Solo - White Branch

Divider : [Tia] Arched Room Divider (Previous Redeux GroupGift)
book stack : Sway's [Ten] Stack of Books 
house : Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook 1

Looking forward next Decorate and Builder's box.

Enjoy Autumn Decoration! 
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