Good bye November


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday <3

Would be my last autumn decoration in this year.
I met with a lot of decoration and furniture and garden item and i love all of them.
but already a lot of winter or Christmas item in sl and in RL.. so i am going to shift my season to winter.
Anyway wanted to have the time autumn feeling a little bit more...

Credit @ CJ Creation in Swank November (End : 30th)
CJ Autumn Greenhouse
CJ Autumn Garden Table with deco Props
CJ Autumn Placeset Food
CJ Autumn Garden Chair
CJ Chrysanthemum Pink Planter
CJ Chrysanthemum Lila Planter
CJ Chrysanthemum Blue Planter
CJ Chrysanthemum White Planter

Credit @ Dreamland Design
DD Autumn Bicycle Scene
DD Flying Leaves
DD Autumn Doors Patio
DD Autumn Iron Weave Bench/PG
DD Autumn Aspen Tree Basket
DD Spring Tree Basket

Credit @ Chez Moi Furntiuire / Markeptlace
Hay Pile Farm (Adult) CHEZ MOI (Coming in PG or in Adult)

Wish your winter season will be sweet and lovely.  and wish for me too!
Enjoy your Secondlife.
Thanks for coming to my blog.