Reindeer Collection in twin bed room


Dear reader. Hope your FAB weekend :)

This is my first Christmas color post in this year.
Already, i heard and saw Christmas color in real life too. food or music and weather.

Post featuring MY Dark Style in Swank November. Created by Madison Whelan.
Madison released 2 new bed with some home decoration.

I would love to introduce you " Reindeer Plush Collection"
please join the group to The Smith Boys. (Copy and paste on your neaby chat)
then you can find how you can get pretty reindeer.
It doesnt sell because it is FREE Gacha. and group join also free.
Wonderful Kahvy!
This is so nice with Christmas.. 9 color including 1 rare Reindeer.

Credit @ MY Dark Style in Swank November
[MW] Fall Into Autumn Bed Adult
[MW] Fall Into Autumn Floor Plant
[MW ] Hunters Charm  Chair
[MW ] Hunters Charm Rug
[MW] Fall Into Autumn Chair
[MW] Fall Into Autumn Rug
[MW ] Hunters Charm Bed Adult V2
[MW ] Hunters Charm Bed Adult V2
[MW] Fall Into Autumn Floor Plant
[MW ] Hunters Charm  Painting

Credit @  Reindeer Plush Collection
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 8 - Blitzen
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 9 - Rudolph RARE
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 4 - Vixen
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 2 - Dancer
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 3 - Prancer
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 5 - Comet
SB- Reindeer Plush Collection 6 - Cupid
(join the group to The Smith Boys.
secondlife:///app/group/597abbdc-d114-83a1-cac0-29a8263abd0a/about ((Copy and paste on your neaby chat))

I hope you enjoy Kahvy's performance and get pretty reindeer.

Enjoy and have fun!
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