Penguins town


Dear reader.

Christmas is gone!  and started that Preparing for new year.

Credit @ Galland Homes
Laurel Ridge Pavilion by Galland Homes
Laurel Ridge Pavilion Snow Roof
Fireplace Logs (Random) by Galland Homes

Credit @ Aphrodite shop in Swank December 
Aphrodite Winter Couple Tree B -PG- 1.0
Aphrodite Winter Couple Tree C -PG- 1.0

Credit @ Park Place in Swank December  (Close up in 2nd picture)
[Park Place] Holiday Green Candy Cane Wreath (C)
[Park Place] Pine Spiral Staircase Floor Lamp
[Park Place] Color-Change Leather Pouf
[Park Place] Snowglobe Ornament - Silent Night
[Park Place] Pewter Candlestick - large (C)
[Park Place] Light Wood Coffee Table with Accessories
[Park Place] "Home For The Holidays" Mason Jar Snowglobe
[Park Place] Wintergreen Sofa - singles/cuddles

Credit @ Pink Magic in Swank December
Pink Magic : Polar Animals Island Decor

Credit @ TLC Home Collection
TLC Penguin Sledge

Do you like Penguins world? :)

Enjoy winter decoration.
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