Senko Patio


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday so far.

End day of February for me. and will start the March tomorrow.
How was your February? :)
February had a very big romantic event "Valentine". Did it make your heart melt? 💓

Credit @ Kaerri in Swank February
Senko Patio Complete set
 Senko Patio
 Senko Wall Fan
 Senko Patio Chair
 Senko Champagne Giver
 Senko Strawberry Giver
 Senko Champagne Glass
 Senko Patio Table
 Angel Love Mannequin
 Love Letter Roses
 Senko Planter 3
 Senko Planter 1
 Senko Planter 2
 Brush Stroke Brown Triple Planter
 Senko Ottoman
 Senko Waterlilies
 Senko Koi

Credit @ Little Branch in Sense Event
LB_Hill-v1{Low Li}

Enjoy your seocondlife :)