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If you do not visit yet please take look this Youtube :
This is catalog of Home and garden of Swank Hollywood Glam event.
you can check on this video, and of course, You are more than welcome that visit to Swank!

Credit @ The Looking Glass in Swank Hollywood Glam
TLG - Glam Poppies Bronze
TLG - Glam Poppies Gold
TLG - Glam Poppies
TLG - Swank Event - Island Sprites Group Gift
TLG - Boho Fae Island Sprites - Small
TLG - The Encounter Chairs Gold PG
TLG - Glam Poppy Hall Table
TLG - Joy to the World Table Lamp Gold
TLG - The Encounter Chairs Red ADULT
TLG - Joy to the World Lanterns Gold
TLG - Glam Poppy Shimmer Curtain Red
TLG - Glam Poppy Shimmer Curtain
TLG - Glam Poppy Wall Art
TLG - Glam Poppy Wall Clock
TLG - Glam Poppy Coffee Table
TLG - Glam Poppy Floral Bust
TLG - The Encounter Chairs Black PG
TLG - Glam Poppy Round Poppy Rug
TLG - Glam Poppy Round Fur Rug

Credit @ Cerridwen's Cauldron in Swank Hollywood Glam
[CC] Faery Lily, 1 Flower Long
[CC] Faery Lily, 1 Flower Short
[CC] Faery Lily, 1 Flower Long - Giant
[CC] Faery Lily Set (boxed) (before unpack)

Credit @ JIAN
JIAN Dove Cage
JIAN Dove :: Wanderer (rez me!)
JIAN Dove :: Placer (rez me!)