The Spring


Dear reader. Hope your good weekday so far :)

What you imagine first to Japanese building and scenery? I really like Bee Design "Kote-ji Gacha" Japanese house.
I felt in love when i saw this picture first I was going to blog if Shinny Shabby finished.
Beause I want to show for everyone this house. because this is very Japan.
and same time, i put on my picture Little branch released " WhiteOrchidTree" for Sense Event
White Orchid Tree and Kote-ji combination is so so amazing.
and i hope i can show you that how beautiful them.
Dysfunctionality has special price to twinkly clover only 38L. but including 3 size.

They are so amazing for me.

Credit @ Little branch in Sense event
LB_ WhiteOrchidTree.v2{Animated}
LB_BirdFlower{With Flowers Menu}

Credit @ Bee Design or Bee Design Gacha center 
Bee Designs Kote-ji Gacha  House RARE
Bee Designs Kote-ji Gacha Screen 2
Bee Designs Kote-ji Gacha Dinning set RARE
Bee Designs Kote-ji Gacha Kokeshi doll
Bee Designs Kote-ji Gacha Rug

Credit @ Dysfunctionality (Special price till the 24th March)
[DDD] Twinkly Clover - Cluster
[DDD] Twinkly Clover - Bit

Enjoy and have fun as i do :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.