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Dear reader. hope your nice weekend :)

A lot of Japanese worker started Spring vacation from today to 1st Sunday of May.
High way and bullet train and airplane are so so so crowed. I am happy i was not there 😁

Swank City of Angel event and On9 this round will close on 31th.
If you would like to visit to those event, might be better hurry but still have time :)

Credit @ OutSide the Box! in Swank City of Angel event "Angel Bedroom"
OTB! Angel Bed /Adult
OTB! Angel Bedroom Trunk
OTB! Angel Bedroom Night Stand
Angel Bedroom Lamp
OTB! Ficus Plant

Credit @ Tres Beau Maison in On9
TB Maison Bamboo Wing Back
TB Maison Mosaic Wall Art
TB Maison Rug, Checkers
TB Maison Chinese Sideboard
Tres Beau Circles Statue

Credit @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Penny* Boxes/Giftbox B
*Penny* Box/Giftbox A
*Penny* Boxes E
*Mary* Jug with tulips A - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Penny* Boxes A
*Aria* Crocus Pot B - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Penny* Vase B
*Pia* Crates D - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Aria* Crocus Pot C - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Penny* Birdhouse A

Credit @ Captured waters
Red Rock Falls
Dragonfly falls

Enjoy 💓
Thanks for coming to my blog.