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Dear reader.  Hope your beautiful Friday <3

This post also for Swank City of Angel time.
Will be end of Friday for me already. This week was so and so busy week in RL.
However SL side, i wanted to spent time more in SL... sob.
but i think if there is cutie in my office, it would be lovely time in many ways :)

Credit @ Wood Works Home and Garden in Swank City of Angel
Angel City Office Lamp (copy)
Angel City Office File Cabinet v2 (copy)
Cluster Vases (copy)
Angel City Decor Angel (copy)
Pink Daisies in Glass (copy)
Angel City Chair (copy)
Angel City Desk (copy)
Angel City Office Carpet
Angel City Office Chair (copy)
Angel City Office Side Table (copy)
Angel City Bookcase (copy)
Philodendron Potted  (copy)
Twisted vases w/peace lilies copy

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH :: in Illuminate  (End date : 13th)
:: N :: Harper Chaise, Adult

Credit @ JIAN
JIAN Beagle Pup (Wanderer - Rez me!)

Enjoy your Secondlife as i do!
Thanks for coming to my blog.