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Dear reader. Hope your weekday is good so far!

I had log-in issue my morning time. but right now im ok :)
Most of the time, when happened that, makes me worry that my account is ok.
Because my avatar keeping alot of items in her inventory.

Credit @ Raindale in Sense event
Raindale - Shalaby pouf
*Color change by HUD

Credit @ Park Place in Swank City of Angel event
[Park Place] Honey Oak & Black Table
[Park Place] Angel Novelty Lamp
[Park Place] Buffet Table Lamp - Black
[Park Place] Andeo Sitting Room Sofa - Blue - Adult
[Park Place] Honey Oak & Black Laquer Coffee Table
[Park Place] Quartz Tabletop Decor
[Park Place] Coleus Table Plant
[Park Place] Silver Platter Decor
[Park Place] Coffee Table Magazines
[Park Place] "Wings of an Angel" Art Decor
[Park Place] Tropical Croton
[Park Place] Andeo Chair - Left - White
[Park Place] Honey Oak & Black Wire End Table
[Park Place] Angel Brugmansia Plant
[Park Place] Honey Oak Cabinet w/Accessories

Credit @ [CIRCA] living
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Rustic Planter 1 - Crimson Parrot's Beak (S)
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Area Rug - Solid - Sea Loop Weave
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Rustic Planter 1 - Fuchsia Parrot's Beak (L)
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Area Rug - Solid - Cream Soft Weave
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Rustic Planter 1 - Succulent Mix (S) (touch)
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Rustic Planter 1 -Turquoise Parrot's Beak (S)
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Rustic Planter 1 -Turquoise Parrot's Beak (L)
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Quatrefoil Frame Wall Art - Teal / Gold
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Moroccan Hanging Lantern - Bronze (long-L)
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Moroccan Hanging Lantern - Bronze (long-L) 1
[CIRCA] - "Nahla" Quatrefoil Mirror Single - Teal

Credit @ :: NEWCHURCH ::  in Chapter Four
:: N :: Emmy Corner Curio Cabinet, Walnut

Credit @ Captured Waters
Geese love

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